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WifiSlax Tutorial: How to Audit wifi Networks – Can a hacker steal Wifi using wifislax?

We want to do is to make people aware to be able to teach them how to protect themselves from cyber crime, from wifi stealing to identity theft in social networks. With a high level expert in computer security, we are preparing some courses to teach you how to protect yourselves from all kinds of threat.

For the time being, here you have the most comprehensive tutorial on how to audit Wifi networks. We will use a Linux Distro exclusively designed to audit networks at a professional level. Today you can learn how to use Geminis Auditor, a great free tool to audit networks included in Wifislax, to its full potential.



How to get wifi password? – How to hack a Wifi network?

How to know wifi passwords of others? The purpose of this tutorial is to check your wifi’s security so no one can violate it or connect to it hacking your password. How to crack a wifi password?.

The tutorial is explained in a way anyone can make it without any kind of informatics knowledge. Anyway if you have any questions as you steal free wifi just write a comment. If you prefer to how to hack wifi it is also possible using tools such as Wifi Unlocker.

How to know wifi password? You also have the option of using Wifi Auditor, it is a program for Windows that sometimes is able to steal wifi password from neighbour’s wifi.


In this tutorial you will learn to know whether a wifi network is safe or not. If it isn ́t, you will have to choose a stronger password and check the type of security you have. A good advice is to use WPA2 and turn off the WPS.

The purpose of this tutorial is to check the safety of our wifi connection so nobody can connect their computers using it by cracking our password.

Cracking wifi passwords is simple if you do not protect your wifi and your password is weak. And I ́m not saying that it is easy for professionals, I mean it ́s ease too for the average Joe with a little experience with WifiSlax. There are even those who hire people to hack their neighbor ́s net. You don ́t believe it? Read this.

If you want to enjoy free legal wifi I recommend the “Wifi Finder” App, available for Iphone and Android and is completely legal. Don ́t you ever think about hacking your neighbor ́s connection. It is a very serious crime and it is morally wrong.

This tutorial is explained in a simple manner so anybody can understand it without any previous knowledge of computers and without a WPA dictionary. Anyway, if you have any doubt during the process, you only have to write a comment. There are also network auditing apps for Android like Wifi Unlocker o Wifi Connect.

There is also the option of using Wifi Auditor, an audit program for Windows, although it is not as powerful as WifiSlax.

You also can download the latest version from the play store here.

And if you are scared that hacking a wifi network is so easy, you can learn to make RJ45 connectors and build a LAN network so nobody can hack you. It is the best way nobody messes with you.

Download the latest version of WifiSlax

Download Link

To audit wifi networks we are going to use WifiSlax which is distributed by LINUX. It is an operating system whose only purpose is to check the safety of a wifi network, although a lot of people use it to steal wifi from their neighbor. For this, it is very important that you “lock” your local network so nobody can violate your privacy or steal bandwidth from you.

The process is simple. If Geminis Auditor can tell you what your password is, you ́ll have to change it and increase the level of security of your net. When Geminis is not able to crack your wifi password, you will not have to worry about hackers.


how to steal wifi


The first thing we are going to do is download Wifislax from this link. It is 1,97Gb so be patient. You ́ll need patience for there are some passwords that take just a few seconds to crack (like those of Movistar or Vodafone with the WPS activated) and there are others that may need up to 3 or 4 days to find. It is very important to make sure that nobody can steal our wifi. I also recommend that you buy a current router because they come with anti-hacking protection.

What you have downloaded is an ISO image. You ́ll have to put it in a pendrive (minimum capacity 4GB). Another way of doing it, with which you would need to skip step 2, would be to unzip the ISO image into a DVD and instead of starting your PC from your pen drive, you would need to start it up from the DVD player.


Step 2: Set up the Pen Drive 

To be able to start the computer from the memory stick you need to load the ISO in it correctly. For this, we are going to use Universal Installer, which can be downloaded here. This step also works for installing Backtrack, Beini or Wifiway in a memory stick.

how to steal wifi to neighbor

Once downloaded, install it like any other program and open it. Then we do as follows:

  • Step 1 – Select “Wifislax” as you can see in the image
  • Step 2 – Click Browse and select the ISO you have downloaded
  • Step 3 – Select the unit of your memory stick and tick: “We will format I:\Drive as Fat32” to make sure that the memory stick has the correct format (this option will erase all the information from your memory stick)

After this, you only have to push the button “Create” and wait some minutes. When the image has been created you will have to restart your PC with your memory stick connected and restart it from your memory stick to start cracking wifi passwords.

Step 3: Run WifiSlax to How to get wifi password

Once the PC is started from the memory stick, a couple of screens like the following will appear:

steal wifi

We ́ll have to press INTRO a couple of times to choose the first option. WifiSlax will load in a minute.

This will appear:

steal wifi neighbors

Now we are in Wifislax and in step 4 we will learn how to crack our own wifi password

Step 4: Geminis Auditor

To get our wifi password we are going to use a very user-friendly tool called Geminis Auditor. To open it we need to click on the blue icon on the bottom left corner (it is like Windows ́s start button) and, like you can see on the image above, you have to click Wifislax -> Wireless -> Geminis Auditor.

Once open, we see the next window:

wifislax tutorial

With your cursor (up and down) you ́ll have to select the first option “Escanear en busca de objetivos” to try and crack your wifi password.

Checking your network ́s safety takes 30 seconds.

Let ́s stop for a moment here. It may happen that your wifi card is not compatible with Wifislax or that your PC does not have a wireless card and for this, you will not be able to scan for passwords. The cheapest solution is to but a compatible net card, being those by Alfa network the best cards compatible with Wifislax.

The best solution is to buy a 20dbi Wifi antenna, which has an awesome range and is compatible with Wifislax. Here you have a link to a review. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Let ́s continue. Once you have scanned the available networks, you ́ll see a screen like this:

wifislax audit

Right now I ́m at my basement and I haven ́t connected my WIFI ALFA NETWORKS AWUS036NH USB adapter and yet I have found many networks (to scan them you can also use the Android app WiFi Analyzer). Imagine what a professional hacker can do with professional equipment.

We have to pay attention to what is in green. Mi network, which is vodafone6AD6, is in green. This means that the security is rubbish and that in less than a minute anybody using a tool like Wifislax could steal my wifi.

Once you have chosen your network, you ́ll have to come back to the previous menu as you can see in the next image:


wifi password steal


The next step to get your password is to click on the second option “Atacar objetivo seleccionado”, You ́ll see another submenu showing the kind of attack to be made. Press intro and the software will work his magic.

wifi password

Once this option is selected is when the software will try to check wifi.

crack wifi password

In my case, Wifislax has cracked my password in less than 30 seconds, as you can see in the image.

Now you only have to press any key and you will see your password like in the next image:

steal wifi wifislax


If it has worked, you will have to change the password of your router IMMEDIATELY.

I hope it works for you. If you have any doubt, you only have to make a comment. I ́d like to know if you have been able to crack your password so people can see how likely it is that you have an easy-to-hack password.

This is only one of the methods to check your network ́s security.

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    KIRITO junio 28, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Hello sir, I do follow all your step hut I have this doubt.I read and watch ton of videos on youtube about Wifislax and my question is.Did Wifislax change my computer software? and If it did, All the data in my computer will be gone when I use Wifislax ?

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    Hello, I don’t know why but when I try to scan networks it says it can’t find any 🙁 I don’t know how to fix this, can you help me?

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