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TOP Best Antivirus 2019 for Windows, Mac & Android


Most Downloaded
  • PROTECTION: 100%
  • Use percentage of system resources: 0,6%
  • False positives: 0
  • Windows 10
  • Password Protection
  • Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • SCORE: 10/10
Symatec Antivirus
  • PROTECTION: 100%
  • Use percentage of system resources: 0,8%
  • False positives: 0
  • Windows 10
  • Password Protection
  • Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • SCORE: 9,9/10
  • Use percentage of system resources: 0,9%
  • False positives: 0
  • Windows 10
  • Password Protection
  • Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • SCORE: 9,8/10
Symatec Antivirus
  • Use percentage of system resources: 2,4%
  • False positives: 7
  • Windows 10
  • Password Protection
  • Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • SCORE: 9,3/10

top best antivirus


  • Maximum Protection: According to tests from external laboratories, even from Kaspersky’s lab, it’s practically infallible against virus threats.
  • Very low impact: It never consumes more than 1% of your device’s resources. Because of this, your PC, Mac, iOS or Android will always run smoothly.
  • Panda Global Protection: It’s the most complete antivirus in the world. Besides destroying viruses, it protects your bank account data, makes security back-ups, lets you know if anyone has accessed your network without your permission, it keeps all your passwords, etc. It’s a lot more than an antivirus.
  • Unbeatable prince: Thanks to the antivirus-top.com discounts it is the cheapest antivirus in the market.


  • It doesn’t have all of its functions on iOS and Mac: If you’re using Mac and/or iPhone, we don’t recommend this antivirus.


top Antivirus 2017


  • Maximum Protection: Together with Panda, it occupies the first position of Antivirus of the year 2018. One of AV Comparatives’ favorites.
  • It is the best-selling antivirus in the World.
  • Very low impact: It’s one of the antivirus that consumes less resources. You will be protected without losing performance.
  • Anti-Ransomware: The most advanced protection in the world against this type of threats.
  • Price: If you have 3 devices, each license leaves for about 7€ per year.
  • Best Antivirus for Mac: If you have a Mac, don’t think about it, choose BitDefender.


  • Antispam not included: Basic protection has no Antispam or firewall included (Antivirus Plus 2019).



Best Antivirus


  • Maximum Protection: Along with Panda and Bitdefender, it is within the TOP 3 Antivirus of the year 2019.
  • Very low impact: It consumes a bit more than 1% of your device’s resources. You’ll be protected without the need to lose performance.
  • Very easy to use: It’s the simplest antivirus to manage. You practically just install it and forget you even have it.


  • Very basic: This antivirus’ basic version won’t protect you from other online hazards, like identity theft of bank fraud.


top 3 Antivirus


  • Great Protection: This antivirus is practically infallible against any threat; it’s one of the most acclaimed antiviruses ever.
  • Low Impact: We’re far from the times when you’d install Norton on your PC and it would practically consume most of the resources by itself. Now, it’ll only consume a little more than 2% of the resources.
  • The most complete features: It counts with all you could ask of an antivirus; it even offers 25GB cloud storage in its Security Premium version. It also includes a very good parental control feature to stop your kids from seeing things they shouldn’t.
  • Special price for several devices: If you have, for instance, 10 devices, license for each one will go for less than 4€ a year.


  • iOS Version: If you have an iPhone or iPad it’s probably not the best antivirus you can get for these devices.


best antivirus Test 2017

In the above graph, created by the most prestigious laboratory in the world in Antivirus analysis (AV Comparatives), Panda and BitDefender are the only 2 antivirus that have been able to block 100% threats without having a single false positive. Kaspersky has not had a false positive but has not been able to block 1% of the threats. And the latest Symantec results have not been too good.

These tests were carried out in February 2017. Every time this type of tests is carried out, we will update the article, the idea is that you can choose the best antivirus of the moment and that you always have the data updated to make the best decision.

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What is the Best Antivirus in 2019?

The best antivirus is Panda Global Protection, if we consider protection, impact on performance, benefit and price.

At the moment, this is the ranking of the TOP 3 Antivirus in 2019:

  1. Panda
  2. BitDefender
  3. Kaspersky

And of course, any paid Antivirus is much better than the free antivirus version.

Do you want to know what the top paid Antivirus is? Today we will review the ranking for the best existing antivirus in 2019 and we will also bring a few antivirus offers. To know which is the best free antivirus and the best paid antivirus, we are going to analyze which is the best antivirus 2019 for Android, Windows & Mac. Don’t miss out on the antivirus offers from the above chart.

Best antivirus 2019 for Windows & Mac: Why do you need an antivirus? – Which antivirus is better?

Which is the best antivirus software 2019 in the market? I present to you the 15 best free and paid antivirus ranking for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If you just downloaded Windows 10 or just bought a new PC with Windows 10 included, you will see that it’s a marvel and it runs very fast, but don’t forget that you’ll need a little bit of help for it to keep working as well as it does now. And that means you are going to have to install a security software, but not any run of the mill one, if you install the G-DATA antivirus, your Windows 10 will look more like Windows Vista, since the impact on performance of this antivirus is very high.

Reading this article you will be able to make the right choice when it comes to choose an antivirus whether it’s paid or free. If you aren’t very clear on which to choose or you don’t find an offer to your liking, send us an email to info@wifibit.com and we will get you the best antivirus offer possible and we’ll advise you on which to choose, providing you with a link so you can make the purchase directly from the Antivirus Official website.

An antivirus detects and eliminates malicious programs or malware, often called “virus”. To this day a PC antivirus doesn’t offer a perfect solution to the malware problem, but it’s a first measure fundamental for your PC or laptop’s security.

To help avoid virus infecting your PC you must install an antivirus, and after that, update it regularly. All reviewed antivirus here will auto-update. Updates are very important, since new virus appear practically every day.

The Best Antivirus 2019: How to choose an antivirus? Which antivirus should you buy?

Which is the best Antivirus currently? – Which antivirus should you buy? – Which antivirus is better? Malware are evolving faster than ever, but, fortunately, latest generation antivirus are better equipped than ever to stop new threats. In recent years, the technology that an antivirus uses has changed drastically.

An Antivirus package from a few years ago was capable of stopping known virus and other kinds of known malware, but for new builds, they needed to have a virus in their database to recognize it. New antivirus are much more intelligent and work a lot better.

I haven’t been able to try all antivirus from this list, which is why I resorted to AV-Test.org, which is a very respected independent security software test lab located in Germany. AV-Test thoroughly tests the market-leading companies’ antivirus monthly.

So I recommend you any Antivirus from the chart at the beginning of the article, and if the antivirus is on sale on top of that, better than the best.

The tests performed by AV-Test are based not only in detecting malware using the traditional methods (say, using a database of types of known malwares), but also in how they can block completely new virus. AV-Test also examines how well an antivirus cleans after an infection has occurred.

TOP antivirus 2019: What’s the difference between free and paid antivirus?

Our tests are focused on the best free antivirus and the best paid antivirus. Paid antivirus generally offer better tech support and wider protection features than free antivirus.

Paid security Suites go even further, offering firewalls, parental control, identity theft protection and much more.

With the antivirus offers that are out there, it’s advisable to pay 20-30 $ a year and don’t take any chances. If you get a virus, even if you have your data well-guarded and your bank account protected, you are going to spend some time trying to restore the system to leave it clean. Take advantage of the antivirus offers since every month there are some of them for any of the TOP antivirus.

Best antivirus 2019 reviews – Antivirus ranking

Which antivirus is best? In this article we will review the best antivirus ranking and which ones are the TOP ones that can be bought or downloaded in 2019. Securing your PC is, of course, much more than having an antivirus.

The most advisable is to have an antivirus, antispyware and a firewall. Almost all the best antivirus we have tested these days are a part of a security suite: which is why everything mentioned before is included, and many more things.

The problem is that some antivirus are better than others, that’s the reason for this article, to know which the TOP Antivirus are.

I recommend you take a look to our article on how to hack wifi.

All of them offer a blacklist of known threats, and a whitelist of software that is known to be legitimate. But new threats emerge every day, and knowing what is good and what is malicious in real time can be critical for our devices’ security. And that’s where AV-Test comes in. They test thoroughly Windows, Mac and Android security to verify the resistance to threats, both old and new, known and unknown.

Then we combine that with our own experienced and expert tests on interface and system overload. We test antivirus for how much (or how little) they slow your PC or laptop down, as well as the easiest way to use them and how intrusive they are. That’s what you can see in our updated chart of the best antivirus for PC or laptop for you. The best antivirus for protection, the best antivirus for performance, and the best antivirus for value. Click here to read the individual antivirus reviews.

15 BEST ANTIVIRUS 2019 Review

ESET NOD32 Antivirus V9

PVP: $23,80 (3 devices -1 year license) – > Buy it on Amazon.

We start the antivirus ranking with ESET NOD32 which is a very straightforward Antivirus and contains some useful extras, although it’s a little surprising that it doesn’t have an anti-spam included. Software is easy to use. The most negative point is that it’s one of the antivirus that consume the most resources. Clearly it isn’t amongst the best, even free antivirus surpass it. It’s incredible that some years ago it used to be the antivirus that consumed the least resources.

If you have asked yourself which antivirus to buy, of course I wouldn’t recommend this one, even if 10 years ago I would’ve recommended it and said it was the best option when choosing a good computer antivirus (Windows or Mac).

Score: 6

BullGuard Internet Security 16

PVP: $59,90 -> Visit BullGuard official website to buy it.

Bullguard is a good antivirus for Windows, although it’s a little expensive for my taste, it has many utilities that few people will take advantage of, which is why you are paying a lot of money, since it’s Windows 10 compatible, license is for 3 devices, and it includes 5 Gb in the cloud for security copies. It’s pretty effective and fast detecting virus. You can try it for free for 60 days.

You can’t miss the opportunity to not take advantage of this great Antivirus offer, enter through this link and get your BullGuard Internet Security with a 60% discount and the BullGuard Premium Protection also with a 70% discount offer. With this discount, you’ll have a good and cheap antivirus for a whole year.

Score: 8,3

Panda Global Protection 2019 – Best PAID Antivirus

PVP: $22,99 ( 1 year license) -> Buy it from this link with a 50% discount

Panda Global Protection 2019 also allows you to protect different devices (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac and Android) with the same license. It is the year’s best Antivirus, and very easy to use. Panda 2019 latest version has pleasantly surprised me, I had the luck to try it and I love it, I didn’t expect it to be like this, apart from being a TOP Antivirus from the viewpoint of protecting against threats, your PC doesn’t even know it’s installed, everything goes exactly as fluid, and on top of that, it not only is an Antivirus, it’s also a program full of useful stuff, it even protects your Wifi against attacks.

And it has finally solved the resource usage problem!!! You don’t even notice. During 2016 this antivirus has had a big jump in quality about this issue. The worst one this year is Nod32. It seems as if they swapped engineers!!

It’s worth to take advantage of this Antivirus offer for 50% off. Surely it won’t let you down.

I’m infatuated with this Antivirus and I’ve gotten a very juicy antivirus offer for comorobarwifi readers. A 50% discount in all Panda products. You just have to click the image to enter Panda’s page with the applied discount. Seize it, since I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold that offer.

It´s a good Antivirus for Mac.

Score: 10

G-Data Internet Security 2019

PVP: $29,95 (3 Device licenses) -> Buy it on Amazon.

G-Data Internet Security 2019 is the best internet security suite with regard to quality and price. It is as complete as any other security suite, with all the functions included, and cheaper than any of them, the only negative part: it only works on Windows, and it consumes quite a few resources, although not as much as Nod32, if you have an I5 or I7 you won’t even notice that it’s working in the background. It’s not my favorite but it’s cheap and it deserves to be in the best antivirus ranking.

Score: 8,5

McAfee Internet Security 2019

PVP: $84,99 (10 devices, 1 year subscription) -> Buy it on Amazon

McAfee has always been one of the best Internet Security year after year, and it has also been one of the most expensive ones, it’s really worth 80 euros, although now it has a 50% discount on McAfee’s official store. I imagine this is because of the fame that this version has.

It’s more vulnerable towards threats than any TOP antivirus, and on top of that it’s not amongst the best at managing resources. We’ll have to wait next year’s version or a major update to release. It’s a shame, since it’s just 40 euros and with unlimited licenses, which isn’t a bad deal.

Score: 6,5

AVG Internet Security 2019

PVP: $49,99 – > You can buy it on AVG’s official website – Get 25% Off.

AVG Internet Security in its 2017 version has had a big jump in quality. Very good at facing virus threats and giving great reliance while navigating on the Internet, it protects you when you go shopping, navigating and downloading malicious software. It’s among my most liked ones this year. It deserves to be in the TOP 10 Antivirus for Windows and Top 10 Internet Security.

If someone asks you which is the best antivirus and you answer AVG you wouldn’t be too wrong.

Score: 8,5

Avast Free Antivirus 2019

PVP: Free antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus 2017 is one of the best free security products one can install. It offers a surprising array of free extras, it is also an excellent Android suite, which includes antivirus and anti-theft. It’s not too shabby for being free, although I get the impression that free antivirus have worsened and paid antivirus have gotten better this year.

Score: 7,2

Panda Security free Antivirus 2019

PVP: Free antivirus

Panda is one of the leading antivirus companies and this free antivirus has a couple of very interesting extras. It takes a while to analyze our hard drive, and it’s not the most efficient with respect to resource use, but their protection levels are solid and it’s easy to install, and once you install it you can easily forget about it. I recommend it if you have a good PC.

Score: 7,1

Qihoo 360 Total Security 2019 – Best free Antivirus for ANDROID

PVP: Free Antivirus

Qihoo is one of the best antivirus out there for Android, although it’s very simple, it only detects virus threats and that’s it, but it does that perfectly. If you need more information for installing a free antivirus on Android, read our Qihoo review.

Score: 8,5

Trend Micro Internet Security 2019

PVP: $34 -> Buy it on Amazon

With the highest score on tests, Trend Internet Security 2019 has a very good quality-price ratio, you can install it in 3 devices. It has also had a big jump in quality when compared with the 2019 version. The big security companies better watch out.

Score: 8,7

BitDefender Free Edition

PVP: Free Antivirus

BitDefender Free Edition is a simple free antivirus, with a really high protection level. If you don’t want to complicate your life, this can be a good option. It’s amongts the simplest ones, but it’s very strong.

Score: 8.0

Avira Free Antivirus 2019 – Best FREE Antivirus

Best Antivirus 2017

PVP: Free

For me, this is the best free antivirus, with a perfect AV-Test score, it has a good array of extras for a zero cost suite, and a well-designed interface which is easy to use and direct. The Antivirus’s paid version is also pretty good.

Avira Free Antivirus 2019 is the best option to protect your PCs if you don’t want to spend a dime.

Score: 9,8

Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 – TOP Antivirus

top best antivirus 2017

PVP: $59,95 (3 devices: Android, Mac and Windows, 1 year) -> Buy it from this link.

Entering the Top 3, we find one of the best paid antivirus for 35€ which you can use to protect three devices. Kaspersky Internet Security 2019’s technical strength can’t be criticized, it’s amongst the best ones out there. If you have many devices and you don’t want to spend the 62 € pricetag of Symantec Norton Security with Backup, I recommend it, even more with Kaspersky’s current offer for a 20% discount.

Score: 10

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 – best-selling Antivirus

top Antivirus

PVP:$36,79 (1 Device, 1 year license) -> Buy it on Amazon

This is one of the best Antivirus suites available in terms of absolute protection against malware. It’s also very good at not showing false warnings. It’s super complete and has a ridiculously low price. The only con is resource usage, it uses more than the other TOP antivirus. In its defense, it has a ridiculous price for a suite of this kind, which is what allows it to remain this year in the Top 3. If Panda Global Protection 2019 were cheaper, it would have this spot.

Score: 9,7

Symantec Norton Security Premium – Best enterprise Antivirus

top 3 antivirus 2017

PVP: $39,99 at Norton.com

You can install it in 10 devices, Norton Security with backup also offers a solid set of features and a very good protection against virus and other malware. If you have many devices it’s the best choice. Not even one virus will slip through.

The antivirus recommended for enterprises. If you have 10 computers you will pay less than 4 euros a year per device. It’s a super cheap price. It has a Deluxe version for 5 devices for 10 less euros.

Score: 10

As you can see, it’s also the best enterprise antivirus. What happens if you are a private individual? Well, you have Norton Security’s standard version at $29,99. You can buy it from this link.

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