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How to root Android Phone without a PC – Easy and Fast Way


I’m going to show you how to root Android without a PC, of any brand, Samsung, LG, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo, etc. Including Avitia’s, who sent us a message this week asking u show to root her LG L80 as well as Anthony’s, who also wrote to us, asking about his Samsung GT 5310L.

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How to root Android Phone or Tablet without PC – All mobiles

At the end of this article I’ll put up a list with all Kingroot compatible phones and tablets. If none of the methods in this article work for you, you can try the Z4root application that also allows you to access root. Also, if you want to protect your apps.

Remember to always keep your Android updated to its latest version.

If you want to know how to root your Android without a PC easily you are in the right place. By the way, you can root a Chinese mobile phone as well.

Many people are interested in accessing root, in order to get the most out of their telephones or Android mobiles. Rooting an Android device was a very complicated process not too long ago, which on top of that was a different process for each mobile brand and for each model, which made rooting a big headache. 

That was until the Chinese created the Kingroot App for rooting Android phones, whether it’s a Smartphone or a Tablet. The thing I like the most about rooting is that you can save a lot of battery power, which we will learn to do in this article.

I’m going to teach you a couple of ways, each easier than the last, of how to root a phone or a mobile. The first method that I will show is through the trending app in U.S.A., called Kingroot. It’s a really easy to use app. You just have to install the app, run it, and press the big button in the middle, then just wait for a few minutes and you’ll have rooted your Android.

Steps to root an Android phone

  1.  Download KingoRoot, Kingroot or Z4root from this website.
  2. Install any of the 3 apps in your Android mobile.
  3. Open the application and press the “Root” button.

Apps to root Android

Root my Android phone with KingoRoot

root Android

This is a rooting application that you can use to root an Android mobile. You can download the latest version from this website. Also, if you go to the official Kingroot website, you’ll notice that besides downloading many Android apps, it also has a Windows program, which is easy to use, you only need to connect via USB your Android to the Windows PC, open the Kingoroot program for Windows and press the “Root” button.

The truth is I find it easier to download the Android app without using a PC, the outcome is the same. Personally I personally prefer rooting apps for Android that don’t need PC or cables 🙂

KingoRoot is successful not only because it’s the easiest way to root an Android mobile but also because it has 2 of the most useful apps if you rooted your mobile.

kingo SuperUser

With kingo SuperUser, among other things, you can install all applications that come preinstalled in an Android device, which are useless, and only use up disk space.

You can even eliminate the root permissions if you want to, and it has many more interesting tools.

app to root Android

Kingo Super Battery

With Kingo Super Battery you can close all the applications that run in the background, in order to save battery, as well as managing the applications that you want to run on startup or restart your phone, like Windows.

How to root an Android device on any mobile easily with Kingroot

Another very similar app that has been a success in Europe is kingroot, with which we can root any Android device without a PC, with just three clicks, and best of all, it’s useful for any phone, it comes in handy for almost every version of Android in particular from the 4.2.2 version to 5.1 Lollipop.

It’s a very simple process, as I mentioned earlier, you only need 3 clicks, the only downside is that it is in Chinese, but you don’t need to worry about that, I will post pictures so you can easily root your Android device, and I will explain step by step the 3 clicks that you need to follow, what and where to do it, it is fairly simple. It looks similar to KingoRoot. 

Update: The English version is now available; you can download it with the link further below in the article. If the rooting process was already intuitive in Chinese, it is now more so in English. I read somewhere that King Root is the perfect tool for “Slackers” that want root permissions in their Android phone.

How to root Android

Install the App to root mobile devices

The first thing you need to do is install the APK from Kingroot to root an android device without a PC, you can find the link here:

Download the updated Kingroot on your Android mobile

Latest version:

Kingroot Version 5.01-> Go to the download website (December 16th 2016)

Improvements from 4.82 of Kingroot

  • Root android devices from 2.x versions to 5.1
  • Improvements to keep the Android device safe after rooting
  • New feature: You can root your phone even faster, with a single click
  • New slicker user interface
  • Fixed minor bugs

I will leave here the download link for the 4.80 version of Kingroot for Android (February 3rd 2016)

Download Kingroot V 4.80

To install the App, you will have to agree to a few permissions that the App needs in order to root your Android mobile without a PC.

Once you have installed the App, you can start the rooting process, it only takes 3 minutes. Once you have installed the application, you will need to run Kingroot, and the first thing it will do is automatically identify your phone, it will look like this:

How to root Android Phone without a PC

Once it has identified your Android phone, a lock will appear on the screen, and in the blue button below you will see the word Root. Press that button.

How to root Android Phone

Once you’ve pressed it, the Android mobile rooting process will begin, it will take around 2 minutes.

How to root Android 2017

Once the process is complete, you will get a screen that looks like this, and you have to press the blue button:

root Android Phone without a PC

What it will do is install another application to finish the Android mobile rooting process, don’t worry about this, once the phone has been rooted, you can uninstall this application, as well as Kingroot, since it won’t be of any use once you’ve rooted the phone.

After pressing the blue button, 2 blue buttons will show up on your screen, you need to press the one on the right:

root Android Phone

Once the App has installed, you will get a screen that looks like this:

root Android Phone 2017

Press the blue button, and now you have successfully rooted your Android mobile. You can now quit the application and eliminate the 2 applications with these icons:

how to root a mobile

You only need to keep the application called KingUser, which will give you the superuser permissions to do as you please with your mobile.

Verifying that the Android phone is rooted

To verify that your phone is indeed rooted you can download the Root Checker App from Google Play that will check if your phone is rooted.

Please, if you rooted your device using this guide, I’d appreciate it if you left a comment. Thanks a lot!!!

I will also leave a video from the YouTube channel DroidModder X where you can see how people around the globe do it, in case you want to watch a video instead of following the pictures. Below the video you can see the advantages of rooting an Android phone.

What is Rooting a phone?

Many of you might not know what rooting Android is exactly. To make things clear, we’ll tell you that through this process we can gain total control of our Android device.

How is rooting an Android device useful?

We can compare it to Windows accounts, normally when we buy a PC with Windows our user account is Administrator and we can do what we want with our device, but for Android, it’s as if you only get access to a user or guest account on your phone, which keeps us from doing what we could normally do in an Android operative system.

  • One of the many things we can do with our rooted device is remove the applications that come preinstalled with the phone, for example, with any Samsung device, there are a lot of applications that we will never use that are only occupying hard disk space.
  • Another very useful thing we can do having rooted our device is choosing which application we want to work and which we want to avoid running in the background, using up resources and draining the battery unnecessarily.
  • We can also install a firewall that keeps an application from connecting to Internet.
  • Another thing, which is one of my favorites, is being able to install our applications in our SD card, which means we will never have disk limitations again. For this, it is recommended to have a decent and fast memory card to not notice any differences. I haven’t tried to install a game that utilizes a lot of resources, but installing Facebook works very well, or Tomtom, which will save up space and work very well.

What does it mean to Root an android device?

Rooting a phone is basically unlocking the Android device in order to access it with the superuser (su) permissions, gaining full control of Hardware and Software. By default, the phone comes blocked, because by having access to everything, we can touch parts of the phone’s memory, which can render the phone useless.

There are many geeks out there that research how to get the superuser permissions, there even is a way to root Android N, even though the only version available is N Preview. However, in Chainfire, they have the superuser version (2.69) that works with the new Android.

Customized Rooms for rooted phones

You can find many customized rooms online, there are many that are focused on phone performance, which will make the phone work way faster. There are also others that prioritize saving battery, which will enable the phone to last longer.

Downsides of rooting Android mobiles

The only downside of rooting a phone is voiding the manufacturer warranty, which is why we should be very careful given how we are now able to modify/delete any operative system file. This means that, if we delete a file that we shouldn’t have, our device could stop working altogether.

I hope you have learned how to root a mobile phone.

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